'Anne's music is an antidote to the

present !' –  Sonograma Magazine   


'Beautiful World is an antidote to the present !'  –  Sonograma Magazine   

For the indie label Harp and Soul Music harpist/composer/producer Anne Vanschothorst has recorded two albums that are part of a landscape music trilogy. The Big Round / NAXOS (2014) international release EK IS EIK (i am oak), Beautiful World (Harp and Soul Music 2017). The third album 'The Bird District' is a work in progress.


Beautiful World CD
11 original contemplative harPoems for small band
Artist :
Anne Vanschothorst - landscape music composer
Release Date : summer 
Label : HSM (Harp and Soul Music)
Catalog ref. : HSM170522


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Producer: HSM (harp and soul music)
Composition/Harp Recording/Music Editing/Mix: Anne Vanschothorst
ft. Artists: Arthur Bont (drums/percussion) - Michael Moore (clarinet) -
Jan Willem Troost (cello) - Rebecca Sier (vocals) - Thijs de Melker

(bass/keyboard), Anne Vanschothorst (harp)
Genre: Cinematic, Meditative, Landscape Music, harPoems
Recording/Final Mix &Mastering (prc, cl, kb, b, v, c): Thijs de Melker
Photography (Anne, Arthur, Michael, Thijs): Pjotr van Schothorst
Harp: Lyon and Healy style 100
Mics (harp recording):  Neumann stereopair + ischell contact mic
Social Media:  FBHSM (page) or 
Anne    Twitter @harpandsoul
eMail : AV@harpandsoul.com