'There's a lot of space to play around with, where you want to put each note, and that's what music is all about !'  Josh Layne #harptuesday


At work composing music for piano in co-creation with the amazing Jeroen van Vliet. I make sure that my harp whispers are transcribed into sheet music and then the magic touch of Jeroen's piano transforms the music into a new reality, a new landscape. It is such an adventure! 


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as if you tell a story

To me it is important not to take the written rhythm and dynamics to literally. I consider my breathing my metronome. That's why i recommend that you play the composition as if you tell a story - with here and there a (little) pause because you have to think for a moment or with acceleration as a result of your enthusiasm. When you play intuitive, the music will become fluent and natural. Music from the heart will become emotion and you will touch the listener with harp and soul .. with music &love.


i listen !

It means the world that harpists/musicians play my compositions and share it with another audience or apply my recorded music to their dance/theater or spoken word performance. I love to hear/see you perform Harp and Soul Music - if you like please send me your soundcloud or youtube link that i can share on my website and social media.


Feel free to improvise/arrange the music to make it your own ; i really applaud your experiments as you did during the A BIRD creativity contest. ~ AV



'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org