• Anne Vanschothorst


A film exploring the creative process while in isolation. This work is a collaboration between the artists of Rochester City Ballet, and multi-media visual artist Cordell Cordaro and several musicians.

Music Credits:

(Some cuts were made to music to fit video)

in Order of Play

Make you Wanna by Rocky Marsiano

Summer Breeze by HansTroost

Ask Me That by Rocky Marsiano

Beat is Running by Rocky Marsiano

Yesterday's Bizniss by Rocky Marsiano

Les Accouplements Repetitifs by Circus Marcus

The Sentimental Waltz by Cameron Lee Simpson

It Happened by Rocky Marsiano

Slick Bend by IV The Polymath

Meditation by Anne Vanschothorst / Harp + Ernst Stolz / Viola da gamba

Inward by HansTroost


'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org