September 1, 2018



The YOU PLAY i listen ! platform is an ongoing project that is initiated to share harp and soul music performed by others via videos/soundclouds and creativity contests.



it means the world to me that other harpists play my compositions and share it with another audience ++ i love to hear/see you perform a HSM song - if you like you can send me your soundcloud/youtube link so i can share it on this site &social media ++ feel free to improvise/arrange the music to make it your own ; i really applaud your experiments with my music - like you did during the A BIRD creativity contest - (i never play my compositions the same way twice !)

~ AV



   ++++++++ YOU PLAY i listen ! playlist @ soundcloud = https://soundcloud.com/harpandsoul/sets/you-play-i-listen









Winners Public Votes :  1Tanne Harder   harp solo video   2. Josh Layne  |  harp solo video   3. Ben di Pro   remix - soundcloud


Winner A BIRD Contest Jury AWARD :  Raphaël Pinel  |  arr./remix video








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'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org