• Anne Vanschothorst

good vibrations

silent poetry

A (hq) headset is my favorite way of listening - in silence / in my own time and space \ to sonic art or a spoken word project. The sound experience is very personal and effective, the heart and soul of the listener resonates immediately, because the auditor is isolated, therefore more focused and in touch with the soul vibrations of the artist. The combination of earphones and sound art is an immersive and thrilling way during an aural journey to really understand poetry and feel the music. This new obtained knowledge and feeling is transforming and healing indeed.

in a room

Landscape, nature and place complement the listening experience when the room is in alignment with the audio and the listener. One might consider listening during a walk in the woods, or sit and relax in an open field, or stay at home the comfort of your favorite room. You chose the room that resonates and invites you to listen.

harp in a landscape

As a harpist i am sensitive to the vibrations of my instrument. And i am aware of the room. When i am in nature with my 47strings i find myself often in dialogue with a singing bird or trees. Because i am in alignment. A receptive state of mind and a still soul bring clarity and happiness. New delicious ideas give joy and high energy, such great fun. Creativity flows in co-creation and appreciation for all that is and beyond. I love how the universe vibrates and speaks a universal language when one listens carefully ; the birds are talking to me, the trees are whispering : look how the earth is trembling and inviting you 'silly' humans to be more careful with your thoughts! ;) How wonderful the realization that we are deliberate creators and by choosing the amazing and good in life we attract even more so, very empowering indeed. Don't worry, be happy !


'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org