• Anne Vanschothorst

SOLO piano

At work composing music for solo piano in co creation with the amazing Jeroen van Vliet. I make sure that my harp whispers are transcribed into sheet music and then the magic touch of Jeroen's piano transforms the music into a new reality, a new landscape. It is such an adventure! I am so so grateful to have music in my life to stay sound and sane because in these strange times i am balancing between restlessness and gratitude. I appreciate my love, my home, my harp, my love, my life tremendously despite and thanks to the contrasts. I am learning to be in the here and now better and better, to accept that where i am at the moment is where i am supposed to be, it feels good to be where i am right now.


'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org