• Anne Vanschothorst


Working on the wind power music video for the landscapemusic.org composers network and US wild life film festival - i have asked Danny Danker to write the text for this project. I feel that music/visuals and poetry are a real strong combination to get the message across. And i have a deadline hah! It actually works well for to have a date set when my project needs to be ready. It is a premiere for me as a director to have my work featured at an international film festival. Thanks ro Nell Shaw Cohen !! My/our work (i collab with my husband - camera man) is playlisted at the Stingray TV stations which is pretty big thing for me .. never ever thought that i would have my own audio-visuals on tv. I really feel bubbly because all these great (women) artists are working together so well and we have such a great flow - love this high energy !


'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org