• Anne Vanschothorst

drone flight @ schiermonnikoog

If i can imagine an artistic concept i can realize my visualization. Then i will direct, construct, edit and color grade the (moving) pictures, that are captured by Pjotr van Schothorst, into (multi-media) Harp and Soul Scapes. Making music videos is an ongoing process, just like experimenting with video art. It is such a tremendous joy and freedom to share my autonomous work through audio-visuals !​

New landscape music video online with music inspired by landscape, nature and place = landscape music / LandscapeMusic.org 💚

music Michael Moore / clarinet + Anne Vanschothorst - harp

film Pjotr - drone pilot montage/editing - AV


'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org