• Anne Vanschothorst

Wisseloord Recordings

Last Saturday was the recording of The Empress - harp quintet - at the legendary Wisseloord Studios - i am still in awe - the gear, the place the history, just wow .. and lots of love and gratitude to the musicians who made the sheet music come to life - this means the world to me : Myrthe Van de Weetering made a beautiful cinematic arrangement. The harp piece is dedicated to Sari van Brug, such an amazing harpist and creative musician! Love her transparent and touching harp play very much. Saskia Frijns and Myrthe performed the beautiful violin lines in the composition. Jojanneke Van De Weetering did a lovely cello solo. And Bart Folkers did the viola part. All the strings seem to blend very well in the studio at least in fragments it did! So i was happy with the recordings at first because i thought i could edit and finetune the recordings to one beautiful track. Fieke van den Hurk made a sound recording of the musicians with a mic set up that needed an one taker to get the best result, because due to the bleeding of the instruments in each others microphone i cannot fine tune and edit and that is disappointing and yet i learnt a lot - it has been quite a journey. To me it would be great career step when my music is arranged at times into a wonderful rich sounding track.

Even though they are individual fine musicians as a group it turned out that the interpretation was not good enough. So i will use the track as a demo for another ensemble recording with a more advanced quartet. Not sure if it will be the same composition. I am contemplating about the recordings and even the arrangement (was it really too difficult?) with Parma Recordings because we have a high quality standard .. with music &love - Anne

NB Of course lots of love to Pjotr who made all the pictures. <3


'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org