• Anne Vanschothorst

a harp is a harp is a harp #BLOG

It is a trend lately to change the organic and natural harp sound like a rough guitar and make it howl and growl. When this is done artistically with a cool edge i like it indeed. Most of the time it just another echo, reverb to make noise. I am not into electric harps due to the digital blicky sound for my productions. I hope that one day there will be an electric harp sounding as awesome as an electric guitar or an acoustic harp. For now i work with my double action harp style 100 made by Lyon and Healy. I am a believer in preserving the acoustic harp sound in remixes and arrangements for multi media projects. A harp can do at times the same as the piano and beyond because she is poetical and sounds more natural, heavenly and enchanting than a keyboard, because a harp is a harp is harp.

Traditional orchestral film-music may not always do the images justice, it can be too monumental or predominant. That's why the audio i produce has an acoustic harp basis to secure an authentic sound because my harp speaks her own language. In other words : stilled music complements alternative art forms / especially created with 47strings = harp power ! Harp and Soul Music gives your project a true sound identity. A rich and impressive sonic art experience can easily be reached with a contemporary harp arrangement. Natural harp sounds mixed with digital music or soundscapes are effective, sound modern and edgy and leave room for the essence of the project. For the ultimate harp+ sound overdub is needed. An authentic narrative and clear texture are a strong basis for a heartfelt musical answer ; combining different music-styles through the sound on sound recording method results in music-recycling (the same concept seen in a different light), has impact, is innovative and creates an avant-garde sound in the classical music scene !


'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org