• Anne Vanschothorst


A new spotify track called Meditation (harp solo) is scheduled for december 7th.

Meditation is inspired by piano playing composers like Joep Beving, Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds with a neo classical, ambient music style and the minimalist, meditative Erik Satie. The harp track would be a nice addition on classical chill out or neo-classical (piano/guitar) playlists. The slow rhythm and low tones give rest and make you want to focus or to be calm. The music can be used for a morning meditation or in the midday with a cup of tea. The track is also suitable for sleep enhancement due to the relaxing mellow bass sounds that make one doze away into dreamland ..with music &love XAnne


'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org