• Anne Vanschothorst

pioneer in minimal harp #BLOG

At age 9 i started playing the harp. I got my first lever harp and music lessons. Despite the traditional lessons, to me improvisation was always quite natural. And making my own tunes also. But i never felt encouraged to do something with my first compositions. My opus one became the third piece of the Trois Petites Pieces by Marcel Grandjany,well known among harpists, because i was not too keen on playing the third piece so came up with my own music, called Still Life. I made it when i was age 11 but wrote it down years later. My early composition style was minimal, meditative and poetic. Obviously i had to learn a lot. And i improved my writing-skills, still on a sound search though. So the love for minimal, mystical music started actually as soon as i started playing the harp. To me an effective way of playing and putting the notes became intuitive. Aarden My debut album (2007) contained mantra-like harp music combined with the sounds of nature. A minimalist note-score to have a maximum impact. As became clear with my youtube video 'A Bird Came Flying' - the clip has been viewed more than 1million times. I got a lot of questions to publish the music as sheet music and hq audio (spotify). Lots of harpists are playing my music. And lots of visual artists have licensed and placed this piece to complement their work. I was one of the very first harpists worldwide that was exploring minimalist, meditative music. I got a lot of criticism from my peers, the music i made was so simple that it scared them .. but effective indeed. I made me realize that i was on to something new and that i was a pioneer in minimal harp music.

Throughout the years a lot of harpists started performing Einaudi, Glass during their concerts. Minimalist music has become a hype. I do not like to be caught up by a trend so i created my own niche market and neo classical music style : original minimal (improvised) harp in chamber jazz and electronic music.

My stilled music can be heard on my international debut album EK IS EIK released by Big Round Records and my indie release BEAUTIFUL WORLD. These two albums are part of a trilogy CD project, the third album is planned for 2021. In the mean time i am working on an ostinato like note-score for harp quintet that will be published on the Parma Recordings composers compilation CD early 2019. And for late 2019 i have scheduled a spoken word CD release. Minimal harp combined with spoken poetry. Minimal music is effective because it gives room for emotions, feelings and imagination - to wander off with your thoughts. I wrote down some scores as sheet music and published these as musicbooks for harpists to be creative wih. So they can tell their own stories. Due to the simple harmonies there is room to improvise, to be creative and express oneself through the music. It is very challenging to play music where every note counts !!! I intent to move the listener with my landscape music / harPoems .. with harp and soul.


'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org