harp and soul scapes

August 27, 2018

Like a sculptor as it were i shape sounds into cinematic imagery with the intent to move the listener. I believe in the power of subdued and stilled music that reflects the internal / imaginary + emotional (rational) \ & external = (in)artificial landscapes we are moving in = landscape music ; a meditative and poetical note-score (so called harPoems) that comes from my strong desire to find beauty and consolation ; music as an antidote to the present. Or to quote F. Nietzsche : without music life would be a mistake.


My passion, desire, restlessness, insecurity, despair (life is really felt in absence) are filtered in the serenity of my harPoems : heart/soul, time, space and silence are essential

(my sound search begins in nature, in silence ; without silence no music !), so one can escape into the music, another reality, a beautiful world and maybe even unravel

the mystery of life or may find fudge ;)

Harp and Soul Scapes

Next to making (motion)pictures in my studio i like to visualize my harp in an actual landscape. My harp and soul / every now and then in perfect harmony with our beautiful world \ are captured by film and photography to complement and strengthen the landscape music as can be seen at the online GALLERY



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