• Anne Vanschothorst

identity #BLOG

From harpist to music-maker. Who am i as an artist ? It took a lot to admit that i am not a performing artist, that i do not particularly like to give concerts that are ad hoc and are momentary, that i excel behind the scenes, to realize that i am a music maker (composer and producer with the harp as basis material) and not a traditional harpist (i had to let go of the standard repertoire and create my own stuff in order to feel really happy and at the same time it makes me super insecure. Am i good enough? Why would anyone listen to my music? At times i lose my wings and then i have to dig deep to find the courage to go further but that is part of life. My identity is fluent apparently. At the moment i feel like a sculptor in an atelier, rather than a performer who needs a stage, i know my way, for now .. life is good !

Why i feel strongly about identity .. my own identity as Anne and the identity i create for Harp and Soul Music. I feel that having my own jargon, my poetic writing style in the artist statement or in the booklets of my albums affirms the character of my work. Obviously my heart and soul come to life through my music but it strengthens also HSM productions (music, film, website) as a brand. Now i have defined that i am a music maker with harp and soul .. but what is my work about, who am i as composer, what are my goals, vision, mission, strategy for harpandsoul.com .. I need to give it some thought .. maybe i should go with the flow and just follow my heart and intuition and everything will be all right ..


'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org