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in a room

On this page i present a selection of IN A ROOM projects where interior and/or architecture design is important for the video art or audio art / sound-sculptures.

Three Sisters is a video installation (plus my original harp music) that was created by renowned artist Christian Thomson and is part of the collection of the National Gallery of Australia andthe London Royal Academy of Arts. in a short docu:

In this movie the same music as the music in the installation is heard : HEAT starts from 1m52 in this videoclip

"Ik zag haar letterlijk door de zaal dansen. Ik vind het ook zo mooi dat het met intervallen gaat, dus dat je haar weer stil ziet staan en weer op gang ziet komen. Ik heb echt de beleving gehad dat er ineens een danseresje uit haar vitrine stapte zoals dat s'avonds ook gaat in het museum wanneer het licht uitgaat. En nu hebben we het mogen meemaken. Heel heel mooi !

I saw her literally dancing through the room. I just love how it goes with intervals, one sees her standing still and then she gets moving again, i really experienced that all of a sudden 'la petite danseuse' stepped out of her glass case as that happens at night in a museum when the lights go down. And now we have witnessed it ourselves. How very beautiful indeed !" Sjarel Ex - directeur Boijmans van Beuningen museum

on location NDSM werf Amsterdam for the shooting the awarded video clip for ARTtube as result of ARTrocks iniitiated by Boijmans van Beuningen

HSM @ VIDEO (+dancer) for tour.Boijmans.nl /awarded by museum Boijmans & Grote Prijs van Nederland\ presented as live sound sculpture in a room.

IN A ROOM Harp music in integrity fused with other art-forms fabriks another sound, motion, shape, colour and vision ― i am a strong believer in #ARTfusion. I like to see my music as sound-sculptures (three-dimensional), a scenery where one can walk around the notes as it were with room to embrace the natural sound, movement, light, morphology, texture and poetry of the landscape or architecture, inevitable reality is altered by the subtle harp whispers. Without artistic compromise i sculpt harp-sounds into cinematic imagery ; auditive art with harp and soul that complements the entity of a landscape or room, with the intent to find beauty and consolation, to be known as a human being through my work. Or these fabrics might be just some more artistic nonsense.

My sound recordings could already be experienced in living rooms, (inter)national museums and galleries in high end installations or audio tours with the use of hq speakers and/or head-sets, eg : museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Het Grachten Huis, Museon (Holland), Landes Museum Bonn (Germany), Technopolis (Belgium), The National Gallery of Australia, The London Royal Academy of Arts.

For my solo harp project i will make sound sculptures exclusively for architecturally inspiring places where the building (exterior and/or interior) itself will be part of the installation ; the original construction is literally transformed into a sounding sculpture by my harp sounds in your room (the only room where the music can be listened).

My sound sculpture 'The Cloud Rider' premiered @ museum Boijmans van Beuningen as an installation with high end speakers. (I was assigned to compose and record the audio art for the installation). Eventually the audio art will be presented in the room where the Rider of Kadinsky can be experienced via the tablet, attached with simple speakers as part of the presentation for blind and visual disabled people. #Ongehoord #Ongezien

The traveling exhibition High Tech Romans explains Roman techniques that are still used today. We explained the way the Romans used a caldarium, this was a room with a hot plunge bath, used in a Roman bath complex. It shows three men, a father, a son and their slave, using this room, while the father orates (in Latin!) about the pleasures of the heat and steam. The son disagrees with him; he thinks it is too hot. The conversation is accompanied with music by Anne Vanschothorst. This exhibit was made by Dutch Igloo @ museum het Valkhof, das Landesmuseum, Museon, Bruns, Technopolis.

The “Grachtenhuis" is a new museum about the Amsterdam Canals. Dutch Igloo build and decorated a big canal doll house (3 m3) with style rooms through four centuries. The rooms in the dollhouse come to life with over 20 Peppers ghost film. The dollhouse is bought for the permanent collection of the museum.

This exhibit was made by Dutch Igloo and commissioned by Kossman en de Jong en het Grachtenhuis.

Music: Anne Vanschothorst and Hans Troost

another pepper's ghost movie featuring my music by Dutch Igloo for an architectural project.

Almost all my sound sculptures can be listened on spotify :



'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org