April 20, 2018

oh how i love to record audio - write musicbooks - to create sound sculptures - writing articles - direct music videos - create harPoetry .. and yet : i am a monomonous person so i feel overwhelmed when i have an inspiration flow - i have to focus and take notes of my brainwaves and first things first :


1. video-clip Boijman van Beuningen
2. 33x33 - instagram video project
3. writing an article for the harpmagazine
5. Iceland landscapemusic video
6. prepare myself for interview about music &poetry


and then i can start composing and audio recording for my harPoetry project #installation #CD #PR 

and when this project is finilized i am allowed to write a musicbook with easy to play - effective music for harp / piano solo - in the mean time i have 2 musicbooks for sale @




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'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV |