• Anne Vanschothorst

from architecture to sound sculpture

Just recently i started the soloHARP project (singles) that will be on Spotify. It is an ongoing project with regular releases and be shared as visual art. I am developing an alternative format to make myself as a harpist visible and to share my music with an audience, so i will make (video) installations to complement my music. - as soon as i have a recording available i shall share this online ! To me it is quite challenging to make profound harPoems - monologues that matter ... but such a great journey !


My compositions have mainly a structure, based on squares, triangles, circles or //, instant music, nature &poetry. A harp solo must stand on its own before it receives a musical answer in order to create music that matters. I like to see my music as sound-sculptures (three-dimensional), a scenery where one can walk around the notes as it were, with room to embrace the natural sound, movement, light, morphology, texture and poetry of the actual landscape or architecture, inevitable reality is altered by the subtle harp whispers. Stillness is fundamental to make music tangible. When an actual harp-sound is seen as clay then the way i pull and push the following string(s) will obviously be of influence to the shape of the material. How and when i mold my strings define the music. Silence and the intention between one and the other note give the listener time and space to experience the music as a real sculpture. Coloring, grading, movement and texture happen simultaneously, light and shadow are inherent. The sound-quality of the harp recordings and musical architecture are crucial to make my compositions work. (VIDEO) INSTALLATION

To feel complete as an artist i feel the strong need to make myself visible in music-videos & installations ― how else would a hermit like me get noticed by an audience ? Sharing music through #VIDEOART - real sound sculptures - is a work in progress and a perpetual experiment.

To hear almost all my sound sculptures, please follow me on spotify !



'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org