'Your music gives exactly the feeling i am looking for ; melancholic and yet free.' Ralph Nauta (Studio Drift)


​Over the past few years film directors, video artists, animators, game designers, design studios, sound artists, poets, writers, painters, choreographers, dancers, radio makers, podcasters, scientists, yogis, (eg) signed a (non)exclusive license agreement for (pre)recorded audio. Read the testimonials about my assigned work.

'Thanks to Anne Vanschothorst's amazingly beautiful harp music the moving pictures received extra motion.'  Score Magazine

Click for a compilation composition-reel (TOP5). Listen to the albums that are also part of my portfolio : harPoems = original landscape music = harp and soul music (HSM) = minimal harp & music recycling & sonic art in collab. with the Amsterdam based sound studio Or have a look at the HSM productions list. My full story / bio, discography, landscape music videos, interviews, press quotes, reviews \  about my autonomous work can be found in the Electronic Press Kit.




'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV |