'The soulful harp-playing transforms Ingrid Jonker's poem into a soothing song, wish the music could carry on for longer.' LitNet | Die huis met baie wonings


a voice beyond words and the unspoken

In mijn zoektocht naar poëzie, een stem die het oneindige raakt, tijdloos is, verleidelijk en ontwrichtend, tracht ik zin te geven, onzin te verstaan en probeer ik zo de wereld te duiden. Ik vind het fijn om te verdwijnen in een mooiere wereld, een wereld van schoonheid en troost. Het echte stemgeluid van de ander in mijn werk, helpt mij om aardser te zijn, vollediger te zijn, mens te zijn. Mijn i am with the poet ! project is een realisatie dat ik het woord wil geven aan hen die zeggingskracht hebben door de stem hoorbaar te maken in harPoetry : a voice beyond words and the unspoken door middel van multi-media. Ik geloof in de transformerende en helende kracht van co-creatie en ARTfusion !



'Poetic stilled melancholic music that is inspired by old trees, all kinds of birds and the South African tongue.'  Opzij


My first harPoetry project was called 'De Huizen Van Dordrecht' (click square play button to listen to 4 fragments). I combined my harp music with the spoken words by Jan Eijkelboom. The late poet gave me permission to publish the album ; the harPoetry is archived as a limited edition EP @ Regionaal Archief Dordrecht. National classical music station Radio4 broadcasted and combined my music with the spoken poetry of Piet Gerbrandy. 'The Bird' - a poem by Ida Gerhardt - has been the inspiration for the harp solo and musicBOOK 'A Bird Came Flying'. I have translated 'De Vogel' in English for artists who want to perform, arrange/remix the piece. The text and the sheetmusic are published by FRIMOUT MUSIC. I have initiated, produced &published several harPoetry videos with the poetry by Danny Danker and could be experienced as an installation @ SCHUNCK gallery - Heerlen. Her poems can be read in the EK IS EIK and Beautiful World CD booklets too. And the poetry has been the basis for the harPoetry musicBOOK 'Three Prayers', also published by FRIMOUT MUSIC. I asked Ilna Stander to record & translate Danny's words in Afrikaans, because of the beautiful meandering language, close to my native tongue - i think that's why the Afrikaanse sound touches my soul. Another Afrikaans project is the EK HET GEDINK poetry project, inspired by Ingrid Jonker's spoken words. The harPoetry is handpicked by Simone Jonker (daughter/initiator) for the international tribute project 'Die Kind Is Nog Jonger', available as LP/CD and video-clip. The major South African literature magazine Litnet published an interview with me about my harPoetry and love for Ingrid Jonker. For well known Dutch writer Marion Bloem i made music for the FREEDOM poem. By adding HSM to Joost II Sickenga's poetry-machines for literary production house WINTERTUIN, the animations have become even more lively ; the harp sounds make the poetry actually speak. My 'Cloudrider' took lady Ferrus as it were ; the poem 'Letters' - by South African poet Diana Ferrus - tells the same story as my harp solo. I am working now on a brand new spoken word and multi-media project, featuring an international critically acclaimed poet for Uitgeverij Podium.



'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV |