'Vanschothorst loves unusal art fusions.'  Luister




If i can imagine an artistic concept then i can realize my visualization. Subsequently i will direct, construct, edit and color grade the (moving) pictures, that are captured with love by Pjotr van Schothorst, into (multi-media) Harp and Soul Scapes. Several portraits are published in major (online) magazines : Meet The Artist, Fifteen Questions, Score Magazine, De Telegraaf, Litnet and in actual books (English & Dutch), called the 'Heroine's Journey'. The Dutch Cultuur Magazine qualifies Pjotrs work as very beautiful and amazingly well taken pictures. My ''TREESCAPES' are about textures, patterns and the soul of these profoundly wondrous whispering trees. Lately i am also doing film productions and installations alone ; the solo projects in the studio (video/stills) are self portraits. We have released landscape music videos (>1,824,311 YouTube views) that are play-listed and broadcasted at (inter)national television for both classical & jazz stations, eg : VEVO, stingray BRAVA & dJazz, moving, Cmusictv, insync, i care if you and Crescendo. This acknowledgement means that HSM is able to deliver, besides hq audio recordings, high quality film productions as well. Making music videos is an ongoing process, just like experimenting with video art. It is such a tremendous joy and freedom to share my autonomous work through audio-visuals !





'I saw her literally dancing through the room. I love how it goes with intervals, one sees her standing still and then she gets moving again, i really experienced that all of a sudden 'la petite danseuse' stepped out of her glass case as that happens at night in a museum when the lights go down. Now we witnessed it ourselves, how very beautiful indeed!'  Sjarel Ex - direkteur Museum Boijmans van Beuningen


Without artistic compromise i mold my harp-sounds into sound-sculptures, audio art that complements the entity of a (cultural + nature) landscape and indoor room. Several recordings could already be experienced in the open air (city/streets, nature), living-rooms, churches, monasteries, (movie) theaters, healthcare/wellness-centers, (inter)national museums and galleries at (high end) installations and audio tours with the use of (hq) speakers and/or head-sets, e.g. : museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Het Grachten Huis, Museon, Schunck (Holland), Landes Museum Bonn (Germany), Technopolis (Belgium), The National Gallery of Australia.

Spotify is a great medium to listen & share music and one could subscribe to my YouTube channel where i have several playlists available for you to watch, like and tell your friends about. On Instagram i have uploaded a compilation of harp and soul scapes. The EK IS EIK and Beautiful World projects (part of the landscape music trilogy) can be found at the Anne website. Or click the HSM Productions page for the complete list of works.

EK IS EIK       beautiful wOrld          THE BIRD DISTRICT



'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV |