'Thanks to the amazingly beautiful harp music the moving pictures received extra motion.'  Score Magazine



For the HARP AND SOUL PRODUCTION HOUSE i compose and record music and i work with multi-media. The major magazine for audio recording regards my work as high end audio engineering (9/10). My minimal harp has been applied many times as the basis material of various audio-visual projects at diverse places | logos. My full story / bio, discography, landscape music videos, interviews, press quotes, reviews, collabs \  about my work can be found in the Electronic Press Kit.


'Your music gives exactly the feeling i am looking for ; melancholic and yet free.'

Ralph Nauta (Studio Drift)



​Over the past few years film directors, video artists, animators, game designers, design studios, sound artists, poets, writers, painters, choreographers, dancers, radio makers, podcasters, scientists, yogis, (eg) signed a (non)exclusive license agreement for (pre)recorded audio. Read the artist testimonials or some press quotes about my (assigned) work.