​​ANNE makes poetry, imaginary sound-sculptures and landscapes with her harp (muziekweb) ; compositions in which each note accentuates the surrounding silence and vice versa. (jazz mozaiek)  Striking is the film music, for once not bombastic or orchestral, but minimalist and subtle.  (De Volkskrant) In this very beautiful enchanting, modern fairy-tale book, kind of Alice in wonderland, Anne travels solo during her enriching (for herself and the listener) sound search and discovers unique stories to tell. (Nadelunch.com)


Anne Vanschothorst is a landscape music composer and pioneer exploring original minimal/harp (improv.) in subdued chamber jazz and (natural) soundscapes — using overdub and making sound sculptures with 47strings ; the 60x60 collab & 'EK IS EIK' have made an unique sound mark in contemporary music. The Dutch music maker is the first European member of the US composers network LandscapeMusic.org. For the HARP AND SOUL PRODUCTION HOUSE she received international critical acclaim as an audio-visual producer. Multiple video concepts are on the playlist of the Stingray TV channels. Sonic landscapes (sometimes augmented with electronic effects) often evolve into music for in-a-room, film, multi-media and spoken word | museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Gucci, Aimée de Jongh, Studio Drift, Uitgeverij Podium. This inventive, timeless, stilled, poetic, mystical yet edgy sonic universe next to the existing harp planet and music world, indicates that ANNE walks off the beaten track and beyond. Many (inter)national musicians have added the written notes scores to their repertoire. The 'YOU PLAY' platform is an ongoing creativity project that is initiated to share Harp and Soul Music performed by others via videos and sound-clouds. AV is a strong believer in being effective with a simple concept in applied music, harPoetry, ARTfusion and music-recycling. The poet of the harp music [..], has her own way of using words - a specific dialect - to empower her identity and affirm the character of HSM.

sonic landscapes


Lex Bohlmeijer  radio host, documentary maker

​'Such efficient music, every note counts, touches .. i find that daring and moving for that matter too.'

Lori Lieberman  singer/songwriter (Killing Me Softly a.o.)

'AV is an amazing and a passionate artist who makes impressively beautiful music !' 




'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV | LandscapeMusic.org