'There is a stunning soundtrack quality to Anne Vanschothorst's music, but that should be no surprise as she has been called upon to provide such to the visual arts.' 


'Anne's magic gives us a weird sonorous world with bizarre fauna and flora through poetic imagination.' 

'Many of the miniatures remind me of Erik Satie -- not that her music is in his style, but that both composers so thoroughly explore an artfully restricted sonic universe -- in which chords and single melodic lines appear in alternation and at a pace slow enough to experience them almost as if they were sounding sculptures.' 


'The sonic landscapes are a structured but dream-like realm of enchantment, a freely unfolding exotic sort of classical ambiance of mood & expressivity / a sort of post-ECM spaciousness \ her harp playing is authoritative, precise and expressive ; 

Anne's best work so far.'

        our story

The harp and soul - creative label (The Hague - 2007) was founded by landscape music composer and harpist Anne Vanschothorst to give a platform to the artist's music. For Vanschothorst, the poetry of the harp has a specific dialect – to empower her identity & affirm the character of the harp and soul. This inventive, timeless, poetic, dreamy and mystical yet edgy sonic universe is where she locates her practice.

Since the beginning of her career, she wanted to produce her own music as a way to maintain greater artistic independence & freedom to go beyond conventions and (music) styles. This means that the label will oversee everything, from audiovisual recording to artistic direction / from concept to product and publication.

AV composes and records music and works with 47strings and multi-media. The audio can be licensed, and altered into arranged or transcribed sheet music.     — qualifies the intimate sound recordings as high end audio engineering.    / Anne's minimal harp is often applied as the basis material of various audio/visual productions.



Film directors, audio/visual artists, animators, illustrators, game designers, design studios, brands, poets, writers, painters, illustrators, choreographers, dancers, radio/podcasters, scientists, teachers (ao), have signed a (non)exclusive license agreement for the use of (pre)recorded audio in their project with the intent to share & stage the content and express the harp and soul - sound through a platform : from online, app, event, rtv and 'in a room', to the (multi-media) production itself.