60x60           COLLAB

My first real sonic art project was during the collab of the 60x60 concept initiated by Robert Voisey. The soundscapes Street Life and Something Happened were releases on CD and digital albums published by the Vox Novus record label. The audio art is part of the international and red mixes, dance and art projects and received regular airplay.

"From the beginning 60x60 was a natural vehicle for collaborating with other art forms. Initially this included video, photography and sculpture. 60x60 Video is an hour of video which is synchronized to the audio mixes of 60x60. 60x60 Video has collaborated with video artists, experimental filmmakers, and VJ's to pair the 60 different audio compositions with video. 60x60 has been screened in museums, art galleries, night clubs, building facades, and store windows in New York City."




'Minimal harp in landscape music reflects and evokes landscape, nature and place.' AV |